Contoh Paragraf Narrative Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Ini dia contoh paragraf narrative dalam bahasa inggris.  Naratif Text :

David is the youngest in the family and was often left on his own. Soon he fell into bad company and became a member of a gang.

His life with the gang was full of adventure but dangerous and terror-ridden. He was often involved in gang clashed, bloodshed, housebreaking, and other crimes. Tired of his life, he wanted to quit but was afraid to. There was no one he could turn to.

One day he was introduced to a social organization for some recreation. There, he found warmth and concern and was encouraged to drop in frequently.

Before long, he shared his problem with the organization members. Immediate steps were then taken by organization to get him out of his gang. They also provided with warmth, care, friendship and meaningful activities to occupy his time.

Nah cuma segini yang bisa saya sampaikan. Tapi akan memberikan Anda all about Paragraf Naratif atau Narrative. 

 Narrative Text
1. The social function of a narrative text is to amuse or entertain, to tell a short, or to provide an aesthetic literary experience

2. The generic structure of a narrative test consists of:
a) Orientation
b) Complication
c) Resolution. 

3.The linguist features of a narrative text are:
a) Using past tense
b) Focusing on specific and individualized participant
c) Using material process
d) Using relational process and mental process.
e) Using temporal conjuction and temporal circumstances


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